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wooo im immune

so i got all my needed college shots today. lol. that was a blast. but now none of you can get me sick :o) so wooohoooo!

on the way home my mom mentioned something about how she talked to my volleyball coach (Coach Sweet). I guess that try outs dont start on the 21st, practice starts the 21st. So i guess theres no cuts. Which i think is weird since he hasn't seen me play, but fine by me! lol. Then she mentioned something about how ill have to buy shoes with the team so we all match. i got insanely excited, finally realising that im playing in college. thats been my goal ever since i started playing with my dad back in 4th grade or whenever. i never thought id actually get there but here i am a month and a half away from my college vball "career" i just have to play well and ill be all set lol.

so im excited for volleyball, what're the rest of you excited about? other than "the whole college experience" that everyone uses to get out of a conversation :oP
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