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I traveled down to Keuka today. Everything was beautiful.. Or maybe I'm just more apt to noticing now. It's hard when you're a student and have to be more focused on school work than the surrounding natural area. The campus was decorated for the Alumni convention, too.

ANYWAY...the mystery on why I havn't yet gotten any paperwork about the fall semester is solved. I havn't paid the 200 dollar fee yet. I was expecting a fee, but hadn't even gotten a paper saying that I was charged THAT in the mail. "Didn't you get it with a letter saying you were accepted?" Um, no, I didn't even get THAT letter. I was just told face to face that I'd been accepted.
"Oh. Here you go, then," and I'm handed a form to fill out. *sigh* I'm not thrilled with coming up with that much money, bills are killing me as of late, but...*Grins* Just over a month to go, guys! And you know what makes the first day of classes extra special? It will be my birthday!!! Now how's THAT for a gift? =-) Yay, back to KC! =-)
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